b2b Solutions Company provides Russian market with cereals and flour of high quality.

We offer you maize flower and buckwheat flower produced in Germany. High quality maize flower has light brown colour and smell and taste of buckwheat grains. Our maize flour is made only from the ripened grains of maize, without addition of products of gene engineering, and other additives. Product is yellow with smell and taste corresponding to grains of maize. It is ideal ingredient for baked goods, confectionery products and a children’s food.

Maize contains mineral substances important and necessary for a human body: salts of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus. Its fiber contains essential amino acids. It is rich in vitamin Е, In, РР and ascorbic acid. Maize helps the growing organism of children to gain body weight and supply vitamins and microelements. The unique fats which are in structure of corn-flakes, contain 80 % of nonsaturated acids which apply to number of the substances regulating level of cholesterol.